6 Useful Tips to Make Your Living Room Look Classic and Beautiful

The living room is one of the rooms where we spend most of our time
when we are at home.

It is for this reason that you would like to make it a little more to your
liking! However, you don’t know where to start? That’s good, since we
have concocted a little practical guide that includes 6 tips to follow in
order to avoid any missteps in living room decoration !

1. Hide the electrical wires

To make your living room instantly appear tidier, be sure to hide all
electrical wires, especially those that are connected to your television
and the devices connected to it.

2. Have at least two light sources

Well-dosed lighting can totally transform a room! During the day, natural
light usually does the job, but once it gets dark it’s important to have
multiple light sources in order to provide a warm and cozy atmosphere in
your living room.
Go for lamps that diffuse light and choose low wattage bulbs for soft and
relaxing lighting!

3. Incorporate storage baskets

Controllers, various cables, adapters, chargers and all other small tech
gadgets will find their place in pretty storage baskets.
You can also use them to store an extra throw or to put your mountain of
pillows in when you decide to take a nap on your couch. Storage baskets = simple and efficient organization!

4. Don’t neglect window treatments

The right window treatments can make ALL the difference in your living
First, define your needs: are you the type to listen to lots of movies and
want a room that is bathed in darkness? Blackout blinds might be a good
option. Do you read a lot and want as much natural light as possible? A
light sheer will do the job.
Depending on the case, take the time to shop around for your window
treatments and don’t forget to measure the dimensions of your windows!

5. Add some greenery

If you are a fan of minimalist decor and aren’t the type to paint your walls
in dapper colors, plants can be a great way to add color to your living
And in addition to adding life to your decor, they improve the quality of
the ambient air!

6. Choose the right furniture sizes

One of the most common decoration mistakes : furniture that is too
big. While it may happen that the furniture we have was given to us or
was purchased while we lived in a larger space, know that you can still
“adjust” to your decor!
For example: you have two bulky loveseats that take up a lot of space,
but since you need four seats, you don’t want to part with one of them. A
good solution would be to put one up for sale and buy two small
armchairs to replace it.
Keep in mind that the more your living room is cluttered with large pieces
of furniture, the smaller it will appear.

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