Better nutrition for a healthy lifestyle.

A lifestyle is a set of attitudes and behaviors that people, individually or collectively, accept and develop to satisfy their needs as human beings and achieve their personal development.

In 1986, the World Health Organization ( WHO ) defined lifestyles as “general lifestyles based on the interaction between living conditions in a broad sense and individual behavior influenced by socio-cultural factors and personal characteristics.”

Our lifestyle affects our physical and mental health. A healthy lifestyle has a positive effect on health. These include habits such as regular exercise, healthy eating, recreational activities, social activities, maintaining a high level of self-esteem, etc.

An unhealthy lifestyle is the cause of many diseases such as obesity and stress. This includes habits like substance use (alcohol, drugs), smoking, physical inactivity, rushing, exposure to pollutants, etc.

Here are some simple tips to help you live a healthier life for yourself and your loved ones. These healthy habits that we propose are the prevention of physical and mental illnesses. By preventing this, we lead a healthy life, because we can go less to the doctor, take less medication and treat everyday problems more effectively.

The first (and perhaps most important) lifestyle change we need to make is an overview of our laundry room and kitchen. Products that are not intended to be stored in the pantry for this new layer are: refined flour, ready-made products, cooked snacks, light and sweet products (chewing
gum, sweets, candies, jellies, etc.) .

2.Changing your lifestyle requires a simple but radical change, but if you want to make a change, you have to do it once and for all and cross the comfort zone in which you are trapped and that you want to cross but did not know how to do it. Once all these products have been identified, they must be replaced by complete products (rice, flour, noodles).

3.Sugar, which can always be made with honey or whole cane sugar, is always and if possible even better when it comes to organic farming (it already depends on the bags of each of them, the stores or products we have close, etc.).

4.Always keep fresh products on hand such as fruits, vegetables, root vegetables, eggs, meat, fish, cheese, etc. The pantry should contain both dried and cooked vegetables (lentils, beans, chickpeas, chickpeas, peas, etc.).
It produced canned fish rich in vitamins and minerals. Small fish are much more desirable than large ones such as salmon, tuna, hake, etc.

Canned or cooked vegetables in a glass (artichokes, spinach, peppers, green beans, etc.) are very popular and useful for those who do not have time or do not like to cook and in a few minutes you can prepare tasty and healthy dishes.

5.Finally frozen meat, fish, or vegetables can easily be stored at home. They can be cook in the morning to cook if you have time.

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