Lifestyle is simply a way of living. Yes, living. It is an individual’s way of expressing their view of life.
Your Lifestyle is your identity. Have you ever described a person by the kind of clothes they wear, their hair, shoes, make-up, handbags/purses or even food? I bet you have, we all do. That is their style.

Societies, groups, clubs, families and individuals all have different things they are known for ; a style, a tradition and culture.

In this article, You’re going to learn how to lead a healthy Lifestyle. So if you’ve been wondering what a Lifestyle is and how to choose a Lifestyle, this is for you.

Your style defines you. Most people want to be known for how they dress or how they eat… etc and that is cool. To be known for something that you do and can be identified with is totally cool. However, your style might be cool but not healthy. ‘Health is wealth’ they say. Living healthy is the best
Lifestyle you can have.


Many young people are trapped in living a life they are not meant for just because they want to meet up to the standard of living of some celebrity they admire. Give no attention to how others live, live your own life. In other to choose a healthy Lifestyle, you must :

1 Know Yourself.

Yes, know yourself. Know what works for you. Know the things you naturally desire, not the ones someone tries to force you into desiring. Find out your likes and dislikes. The things that make you happy and comfortable. You can make a list. It’s not weird. It’s a good start.

2. Identify Your Core values.

Some times, the things you crave might not good enough for your health.
I used to have cravings about some kind of foods and other things that weren’t good for my health and the type of life I wanted to lead, so I had to cut them off. It’s not going to be easy, but you must cut off from harmful things. Be truthful, be noble, be honest, be kind, be calm, be humble and be true.
That’s the kind of Lifestyle you need. A TRUE LIFE. Write down your core values and live it.

3.Be Focus .

You’ve heard this one word over a million times! What have you done with it? It’s so easy for people to talk you into doing things their own way. People can use you to live their best life without your knowing it. If you’re not focused on your Lifestyle, your Do’s and Don’t’s, distraction is inevitable. Focus, focus, focus. Your Style is your life and your identity. Let it shine.

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