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Be Among The  “1000 Nigerians “ whose Health Issues are finding solution using proven Organic Alternative Therapy 

Endorsed by the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA)

This initiative is put together by a team of medical experts, Doctors, Nurses and Nutritionist on a mission to help 1000 Nigerians find lasting organic solution to Arthritis, Diabetes, Glaucoma/Cataracts & High Blood Pressure. You simply register yourself or someone you love who is suffering from any of these for a free consultation.

There is help for you if you currently have a challenge with your Wellness. Here is what you stand to gain participating in this Wellness Project:

Who is This For:

Arthritis Patients


Diabetes Patients


Hepatitis A/B/C



Weight & Skin Issues

Step One: Sign Up to have a session With Our Health Expert.
Step Two: Show up for a consultation and Have Recovery Plan sent to you.


Access the Help You Need to Get Your Health Back.

Regardless of what your health situation is at the moment, There is hope through Organic Alternative therapy Endorsed by the Nigerian Medical Association and administered by Top Medical Professionals as well as Nutrition Experts. The body has the capacity to heal itself but you have to put it on that path. The Wellness Project 1000 gives you an opportunity to speak to an experienced health practitioner who can help you get the help you need.

We have discovered Why People’s Health Fail, And its Due to this 3 BIG CHALLENGES.  Our Mission is to Help You get Your Health Back.

Problem #1: Accumulation of TOXINS

Toxins are everywhere in Today’s world. From the air we breathe, to the Water we drink, chemicals we use on our food and even many of the prescription drugs we take. 

The body over 95% of the time does a great Job in fighting of harmful toxins in the past, but today’s world now makes our bodies so overwhelmed. This is the major reason for the Increase in health issues today especially in young people. 

There is a way to help the body fight off these toxins and restore whole health using purely organic products. We will be showing this to you if you are sick or know someone who is, do register to learn more or share this information with someone.

Problem #2: Our Body; Out of Balance. 

Out of balance in the body is when the body PH is acidic or our hormones are not stable. This is largely caused by stress, lack of quality sleep, excessive use of technology and acidic food/sugar. 

Diseases and sicknesses thrive in such bodies. The immune system also becomes weakened. This we want to reverse to help you get your health BACK. 

Problem #3: Anti0xidant and Nutritional Deficiency.

You are what you eat. Its sad today people are not conscious of what they eat. Good food is meant to replenish our bodies with the right Antioxidants, and nutrients which are the building blocks in the Immune system of our bodies. 

Using our recommendations we have seen diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and other degenerative health issues reversed just by building back the antioxidant level of the body. 

Do sign up to get the help you need from top medical experts and nutritionist


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Your Health is Your Wealth, Our Team of Doctors are Ready to Help YOU get the Help You Need –


Who Are We?

We are a team of Medical Practitioners, Nutritionist and Consultants with a Nutrition and Wellness Company Called PURE; People United Reaching Everyone. 

PURE has been in Nigeria for about 2 years now and in these two years we have made tremendous impact in helping thousands of people get their health back. Our Cleanse, Balance and Build Philosophy has proven to be very effective in reversing degenerative health conditions and also providing a great Nutritional perspective to maintain Whole Health.  PURE has been endorsed by the Nigerian Medical Association as well as other reputable regulatory bodies in Nigeria and abroad as seen below. 

Meet Our Medical Practitioners and Nutrition Expert Putting this Wellness Project Together.



Dr Sandra is a medical Professional with a Difference. She is a certified Medical Doctor with over 10 years Experience and she is also a certified Naturopath. her passion is to see her patient recover from any degenerative health issues they might be suffering from. What inspired this passion was when she watch her Mum pass on due to cancer and as a Medical Doctor, she couldn’t do anything to help.  This Lead her on a Journey to discover natural/organic alternative therapy that can be used alongside orthodox medical approach to help patients suffering from Degenerative health issues recover.

Today several people can testify to the effectiveness of her methods. 

DR Marvelous       Njoku
DR Marvelous Njoku…. popularly called dr marvy
Dr Marvellous Njoku is a medical doctor and a Complementary medicine advocate. She is the founder of DIETAL, a medical outfit that aims to educate medical professionals and the public on the complementary relationship between nutrition and medicine in the prevention and management of chronic diseases. She is a member of the Society of Lifestyle Medicine of Nigeria (SOLOng).

Nurse True Love.

Nurse Truelove Ani

She is a wellness Advocate, Truelove Nwachukwu… is a trained Registered Nurse (RN), Registered Midwife (RM), and also obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BNSC).

As a healthcare professional, she cares about lives, healthy lifestyle and quality health.

Science has proven that we are what we eat, hence the need for balanced nutrition either from fresh foods or supplements.

She promotes healthy foods, organic supplements, and healthy lifestyle.

Your favourite Nurse with a class and many years of experience..


Pharm Miracle       

Pharm Miracle       

Pharm. Miracle Idika is a registered pharmacist with experience in the management of diseases using orthodox medications in combination with supplementary therapy.

She is also a health and wellness enthusiast who strongly believes in the power of pure whole nutrition.

Dr Etsay Odiase-Okoigun

Dr Etsay Odiase-Okoigun

Dr Estay as shes fondly called is a Skincare and Wellness coach.  Trained as a Dermatologist. She uses her knowledge to share how individuals can take good care of their skin.  

Always patient can kind to nurture her patients back to good health. 

Mrs Obadina Bolatito

Mrs Obadina Bolatito

 Mrs Obadina Bolatito, a Wellness Consultant and also the founder of Davimort Health Solutions

She Helps People To Find Natural And Effective Solutions To Live A Healthier Live And Help Those Suffering From Chronic Health To Get Effective And Permanent Solutions.

She believes so much in the power of nutrition to help millions of people to live healthier lives and reverse chronic diseases.

Pst Mrs Ruth Adetutu

Mrs Ruth Adetutu

 Mrs Ruth Adetutu, is an entrepreur, Wellness Consultant and also the founder of Davimort Health Solutions

She Helps People To Find Natural And Effective Solutions To Live A Healthier Live And Help Those Suffering From Chronic Health To Get Effective And Permanent Solutions.

She believes so much in the power of nutrition to help millions of people to live healthier lives and reverse chronic diseases.

Ayo Essien


Ayo Essien

Ayo Essien is a wellness enthusiast and a Director with a Global Wellness and Supplements company called PURE. He started his Journey into wellness after seeing the impact nutritional supplementation had on several individuals who he recommend products to. 

He now uses his Digital Marketing skills and experience to share with more people the power of Nutrition in helping people live their best life.

You might be wondering why we are doing this? Its simply out of a passion to get as many people as possible to access real well researched and quality Wellness solution through Organic Therapy That Works. Many have used what we have and seen tremendous results in their Health and certainly your case will be no different.


My name is Dr Ubong Etuk, I’m a Medical Doctor with over 7 Years experience practicing Medicine. My passion over the years has been to help as many of my patients recover from whatever medical condition they might be having.

I discovered PURE about 
2 Years ago and what inspired me about this organization in which I’ve become one of the top leaders is their emphasis on Nutrition and the role it plays in helping the body heal itself. 

Nutrition and its impact in the human body is not an aspect many of my colleague fully understand, but from my research and experience I’ve come to see how effective it can be when used appropriately. 

I’m so excited to be leading the Medical Team executing this Wellness Project. Our goal is to help as many people find the solution to their health challenge through our consultations and recommendations of our PURE Nutritional supplements.


You Participate by filling the registeration form where you specify the health challenge you need help with and afterwards you get scheduled for a Free consuiltation.

The consultation will be held on Zoom and on WhatsApp. Everything is well structured as our admin will reach you when you sign up and will know which is best for you

The consultation, Wellness and Nutrition Plan  is entirely Free. However we do have Organic Supplements we would recommend you purchase as part of your treatment plan. 

Yes. You can call, or join a provisional WhatsApp group.


For Enquiry, Call/SMS/Whatsapp our health & wellness consultant, 

on 07061553726 or 07026752500

One of our health consultant will answer you all your questions.

Wellness Project 1000

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